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Kiara, N.C. State University, Class of 2027

The Legacy Foundation has provided me with both college-prep and social activities. I have attended workshops and had one-on-on sessions on college applications, resumés writing, networking, scholarships, and more. We also participated in an activity almost every month, including the movies to see the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, a Career Prep lunch-n-learn, a lecturer series with Venus Williams, International Civil Rights Center & Museum, and more. While being part of The Legacy Foundation I learned how to manage my time and stress. The Legacy Foundation has brought me out of my comfort zone during what was the hardest part of high school. The Legacy Foundation is not only a college prep resource, but it is also fun, it is something to look forward to. Ms. Lacrystal is the reason I keep going, she is like my college mom. I am who I am today because she has pushed me to keep going and never give up. She brought me up when I was down and put a smile on my face when no one could with her personality, workshops, and our sessions.

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Laniya, North Carolina Central University, Class of 2025

The Legacy Foundation was a tremendous help in sculpting my senior year. At the beginning of my senior year, I was not prepared to navigate to navigate the college application/enrollment process. The Legacy Foundation taught me through workshops, college guest speakers, and many one-on-one sessions how to be successful and competitive. Ms. Davis has been dedicated to her Stars by helping us create individual progress timelines and educating us on how to complete each step. The Legacy Foundation has been an amazing experience!

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